LF1313 Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Features of Gweike LF1313 Fiber Laser
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LF1313 Metal Laser Cutter
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LF1313 Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 1-2kW

Metal Fiber Laser Cutter
1300x1300mm bed
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The LF1313 is a fully enclosed fiber laser machine with a 1300x1300mm bed. It is designed for precision cutting and has CE certified protection safety glass. Perfect for education and business use, it is suitable for cutting thin sheet metals such as carbon, stainless steel, galvanised steel, aluminium, brass, etc.

This fiber laser machine uses a TBI ground ball screw drive for extremely high precision and reliability alongside a Japanese Panasonic servo motor drive and German Schneider Electronics. 

Materials and Applications

With this Fiber Laser Cutter you are able to cut a wide range of materials to create an extensive variety of laser cut products.

Materials– Stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, spring steel, aluminium, brass etc.

Applications – Advertising, signage, electrical/electronic components, eye-wear, jewellery, small to large scale prototype design, mechanical hardware, decorative screens and more.

How Thick Can You Cut with a Fiber Laser?



  • Fully enclosed class 1 laser design
  • Built in computer and iPad style control screen
  • Raytools autofocus laser head
  • Aviation 3rd generation aluminium gantry – Lightweight and strong
  • Japanese Panasonic servo motor drive
  • German Schneider Electronics
  • TBI ground ball screw drive - Offers high precision
  • Hiwin Guide rails
  • Automatic material tracking - Follows the material surface allowing cutting of materials with sight bending or warping
  • Magnetic and software breakaway crash protection
  • German Schneider Electronics
  • Cypcut software - Easy to use and compatible with most files (e.g. DXF)
  • Automatic edge seeking - Improves the accuracy of cutting and reduces wastage of materials
  • Ball bearing rollers for loading - Allowing sheets to be loaded and unloaded easier
  • Protective cover for drive system
  • Industrial water cooling unit and under table exhaust system/extraction fan included

Automatic Focussing Laser Head

The software adjusts the focussing lens to determine the most suitable position for different thicknesses of material. Automatically adjusting the focus lens is ten times faster than manually adjusting, saving you precious time.

Raytools Autofocus Head

Fully Enclosed Design

CE standard safety glass offers protection whilst still being able to view your workpiece.

The enclosed design also means that any smoke produced is contained inside the machine, ready to be filtered and removed via the exhaust.

Dual Rail & Dual Driver Design

The Y-axis on both sides are equipped with two guide rails to prevent cutting line deformation that could be caused by the Y-axis screw bending.

The double ball drive screw ensures straightness and arc degree during high-speed cuts.

 Dual Driver and Dual Driver Design | Fiber Laser for Cutting Thin Sheet Metal

Aviation 3rd Generation Aluminium Gantry

The Aviation 3rd generation aluminium gantry is manufactured with aerospace standards and formed by 4300 tons press extrusion moulding. After aging treatment, its strength can reach 6061 T6.

Aviation aluminium has many advantages, such as exceptional toughness, corrosion resistance and anti-oxidation. 3rd Generation Aluminium Gantry | Fiber Laser for Cutting Metal

Superior Cutting Precision

Automatic edge seeking works to improve your productivity and efficiency by tracking the workpiece and measuring where the edge is located. This ensures you do not have to keep moving and readjusting heavy materials.

Automatic material tracking is ideal for accommodating materials with slight bending or warping because it follows the surface and calculates differences. LF1313 Gweike Laser Cutter Australia
Technical Parameters Specification
Laser Power 1kW - 2kW
Bed Size 1300 x 1300mm
Machine Size 2110(W) x 2460 (D) x 1630(H)mm

(Approx.) Required Working Footprint

2900(W) x 3100(D) x 1700(H)mm
Laser Source Type IPG laser source (Raycus available)
Laser Head Type Raytools automatic focussing laser head
≤1.5kW = BM109
2kW = BM111
Cooling Type Industrial water cooling - S&A chiller
Moving Speed 40m/min
Acceleration 0.5G
Laser Output Control 0-100% set by software
Drive Method

Japanese Panasonic servo motor and ball screw drive system

Positioning Accuracy 0.008 mm
Re-Positioning Accuracy 0.02mm
Minimum Line Width 0.1mm
Controlling Software Cypcut Control System 2000s, including nesting, edge seeking and automatic crash protection
Graphic Format Supported Graphics files – Ai, DXF, PLT, Gerber, etc. G code – MaterCam, Type3, Wentai etc.
Compatible Software Illustrator, Photoshop, CorelDraw, Autocad, Solidworks, MaterCam, Type3, Wentai etc.
Auxiliary Equipment Exhaust fan, Industrial water cooling unit
Power Supply  Machine:
1kW = 380V 50Hz 20amp (415V filter supplied)
1.5kW = 380V 50Hz 32amp (415V filter supplied)
2kW = 380V 50Hz 40amp (415V filter supplied)
Water chiller = 230V 50Hz 20amp
Exhaust fans = 230V 50Hz 10amp
Working Environment Temperature:0-45C, Humidity 5-95% (No condensate water)

18DHY - 18 bar Air Compressor

Air Compressor for Laser Cutter Australia

20DHY - 20 bar Air Compressor

Air Compressor for Laser Cutter Australia

PA-2400SA Laser Fume Extractor

Laser Fume Extractor for Machinery

CypNest Software Upgrade for Advanced Nesting Capabilities

Gas Attachment Package

2 x 5m Hoses, O2 & N2 Regulators + Standard Gas Pack Connection Type 50/51
Gas Attachment Package - 2*5m hoses and fittings. O2 and N2 regulators with standard gas pack connection Type 50 or 51



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