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CO2 Lasers

Discover our range of hobbyist, professional and large scale C02 laser machines that are equipped to etch, mark, cut and engrave a range of materials with precision and speed.

How It Works?

Our CO2 laser machines are a reliable and user-friendly tool that offer exceptional versatility in material processing. Utilising a blend of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and helium, our laser machines generate a potent infrared beam capable of effortlessly cutting through materials such as wood, acrylic, leather, and metal with remarkable precision. Our CO2 laser machines are adept at intricate etching and engraving, enabling the creation of intricate designs and patterns on surfaces.

Why You Need A C02 Laser Engraver And Cutter

Whether you’re turning a hobby into profitable business venture or looking to increase production capacity, our C02 lasers are the perfect choice. With the fastest engraving speeds on the market, our lasers can help you produce more in less time, making your daily work more profitable. Fitted with state of the art components and engineered to perfection, we guarantee a smooth workflow from idea to finished product.

Unbeatable Advantages

Our C02 laser engraver cutters offer unparalleled benefits that help businesses improve ROI by achieving their production goals.

Fitted with servo motor drive system, out K series Koengi Machines provide the highest precision and edge cut quality. ur rapid machine with steepper motors are capable of fine high speed engraving up to 1900mm/s!

Quickly and easily produce products of the highest-quality, on a range of different materials. With a repeatable cut and engraving every time thiese machine provide a reliavle maufacturing solution.

The higher your power the faster you will cut. Koenig Machinery offer a range of CO2 laser cutting solutions up to 280W power for high speed cutting application, Engraving up to 1900mm/s with the Rapid range or 1000mm/s with the Koenig K series range. 

Cutting - Material Compatibility With C02 Series

The possibilities are endless thanks to the wide range of materials our C02 lasers are able to cut.

Engraving - Material Compatibility With C02 Series

The possibilities are endless thanks to the wide range of materials our C02 lasers are able to engrave, etch and mark (note: Metal marking using Cermark spray)

Multiple Work Area Sizes

Our C02 lasers come in a range of different work area sizes to accomodate all types of businesses. Built with a compact all-in-one design, you can experience the benefits of a larger work area whilst reducing your overall footprint, giving you more space and flexibility in your workshop.

More Output, Less Time

Time is a crucial factor for the success of your business. With a cutting speed of 600mm/s and engraving speed of 1900mm/s our RAPID lasers output more laser jobs per hour than most competitor machines, and they’re the smallest in our C02 range. Making our C02 lasers not only the fastest, but the most profitable.
0.67 sec cutting job
5.26 sec engraving job
*Estimations based on RAPID series cutting & engraving 100 X 100 mm acrylic material

What To Consider When Choosing the Right CO2 Laser?

Our engineering team has indicated a short list of factors you should consider when choosing a laser machine, to ensure you invest in the right machine for your needs and one that is profitable for your business. Use our machine selector below to choose the right C02 laser for your business.


Determine what applications and material you will be using the laser machine for.

Bed Size

Consider the maximum size material you will be working with to choose bed size.


Ensure the machine software is easy to use and compatible with your computer.

Laser Power

The power of your laser will determine what thickness of material can be cut and how fast it can cut and engrave.


Choose a machine that offers the features you need within your budget.


The precision of the machine will be determined by the accuracy of the movements and quality of optics.

Shop CO2 Lasers

Browse our wide range of C02 Laser machines and by visiting our online store.

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