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Your machine will be delivered either on a flatbed truck or in a container, depending on the machine size and your location. Large machine deliveries will require a Franna to remove the machine and components from the container and locate them in place within your factory. Smaller machines may be able to be delivered and offloaded with a forklift.

Please talk to us to confirm the space required for the delivery and what equipment will be required or provided on site.

Your fiber laser machine will be installed by our highly trained technicians. Your team will be trained on the machine software, procedures and maintenance until they feel confident to run the machine solo. Installation and training will run for 3-5 days with 1-4 local technicians depending on the size and complexity of the installation.

Additional training time or training sessions can be organised at an affordable price, any time throughout the life of your machine. Contact us today for more information.

At Koenig Machinery we pride ourselves on the quality of our after sales service and support. This is why we offer free phone and email support for the life of your machine. We are here to see you succeed and help you along the way, whether it is a service call or a quick chat to identify the right settings for your material.

We have technician staff available for urgent support or service calls when you need someone on-site to help and also have 24/7 WeChat technical support with our international team so that you can get help even when you are working odd hours to get that urgent project finished in time.

Large heavy machinery companies love maintenance call outs, with large billable time and invoicing for very high margin spare parts like oils, lubricants and small components that are easily replaceable. Here at Koenig Machinery, we will train you not only on the machine procedures and software but also on the maintenance requirements, giving you any advice you might be after. This allows you to maintain your machine in a perfect working order well into the future.

If you are more production focused, we are happy to schedule regular maintenance with our Koenig technicians, billing at reasonable rates. Let us work with you for your service and maintenance requirements, meeting your needs and wants, while running your business economically.

The power required is standard 3 phase 415V 50Hz power, a power filter unit to stabilize the voltage at 380V is provided with every machine.

The current required will depend on the chosen laser source power. Our machines range from 1kW up to 20kW in laser power and each would require different Current/Amps to run the machine. Please speak with us for more information regarding the power required for your specific fiber laser model.

It is possible for us to adjust the power configuration on certain lower powered models. If you are only able to connect to single phase power please talk to us about the models available with single phase connection.

A standard fiber machine will use O2 for cutting Mild Steel and Copper and Nitrogen gas for cutting Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Brass and other non-ferrous metals.

You can use a compressor in place of either O2 or N2, for thinner grades generally up to 6mm thickness (most effectively up to 3mm). Cutting with compressed air requires a minimum pressure of 12 Bar (175psi), with best quality achieved between 15-20Bar pressure (220-290psi).

Cutting with compressed air is extremely cost effective, when compared to cutting with Nitrogen or Oxygen, reducing the part cost by up to 10 times depending on design. Generally, there is little noticeable difference between an air cut and a gas cut for thinner materials up to 3mm thickness. Mild Steel will have a slightly darker edge finish which is very minimal and Stainless Steel will have a slight yellow tint on the edge cut. Aluminium will have no noticeable cut difference. When cutting up to 6mm thickness you will start to see a much more prominent burnt colour on the edge of Stainless Steel. 6mm and above you will begin to see slightly more dross on the back of parts, increasing with thickness.

For customers cutting thin metals including Stainless Steel where the edge is hidden, compressed air cutting is highly recommended to keep your output costs low. For customers cutting much thicker materials or a range of different materials and thicknesses it may be recommended to have both compressed air and consumable gasses. Please call your Koenig Machinery representative so that we can advise the best set-up for you.


Have a look at The Koenig Shop! We sell a range of standard acrylic , pastel acrylic, glitter acrylic and pearl acrylic. We also stock laser plywood, laser bamboo and consumables such as application tape, double sided tape, Cermark metal marking spray and much more.

No, we do not offer custom sizes or shapes. The only available sizes are those that are listed under each material in the shop.

Our online store is open for orders 24/7 and our warehouse is open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm for click and collect orders only (once you have received your ready to pick up notification). We do not have a phsycial store that you can shop at.

Absolutely! Just choose Pick Up at the checkout page.

If you have a question about your order you can phone our Head Office on 03 9037 0826 and select Option 2.

Otherwise you can email

Discounts, sales and special offers will be communicated via email or on our social media pages.

So make sure you’re signed up to our mailing list and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

For small bottles you may purchase Oxygen from your local Hardware shop. For large bottles and regular cutting applications, speak to our friends at BOC.


You can cut acrylic, ABS, other plastics, plywood, solid wood, bamboo, MDF, foam, leather, card, cardboard, paper, fabric, felt etc. You can etch or engrave all of the materials just listed in addition to glass and mild/stainless steel (when using a metal marking agent).

You should not cut PVC or PC plastic materials. These materials give off noxious or dangerous gasses. You should also check any foam that you plan to cut and make sure that is does not contain these materials. Some plywood can contain glue or resin that is not safe to laser cut.

It is recommended that you purchase plywood from a local reputable supplier. For our range of laser safe plywood please see our shop.

40W – up to 6mm acrylic / 6mm wood.

80W – up to 12mm acrylic / 10mm wood.

100W up to – 15mm acrylic / 12mm wood.

150W – up to 20mm acrylic / 18mm wood.

260W up to 30mm acrylic / 25mm wood.

The thickness of other materials you can cut (e.g foam) will depend on the power of the machine, what you are cutting and what the z travel (up and down table travel) of your machine is. For more information specific to your machine please Contact Us to discuss.

You can cut any acrylic colour, opaque or clear with a CO2 laser machine. You will also be able to use the same cutting parameters no matter what the colour.

Yes you can cut foam, but it is worth checking what the material is made of so that you can be sure that it is safe to cut. For example foam made from PVC material is not safe to cut.

You can easily cut puzzles with you CO2 laser machine. Simply download a range of free puzzle vector (cut) files, or design your own intricate puzzle pattern.

You could print an image onto card or transfer onto plywood/MDF then cut out your puzzle with the laser in no time! For a high-end finish, try etching a photo onto wood before cutting out your puzzle.

Yes you can etch photos with our CO2 machine. If you plan to etch photos it is recommended to have a machine with a shorter focal length lens like the ones available in our standard non-metal range.

With a CO2 laser machine, you can mark metal with the assistance of a chemical marking agent such as Cermark. See our shop to purchase Cermark and for additional product information.

Yes, you can etch glass with a CO2 laser machine. If you are looking to etch wine glasses, bottles or other cylindrical objects you will need a rotary device to allow the object to turn while the machine is etching.

3D etching can be done 2 ways: Vector etching or image etching. If you etch a JPEG, BMP or PNG image file, the laser will etch a series of dots, denser in the darker areas. For a vector etch you can assign layers with different power settings to allow some areas to etch deeper or shallower than others.

The etching depth is dependent on the power and speed settings you are using. You can etch as deep as you can cut, if the power is high and the speed is low, however generally most engraving would be less than 1mm deep.

Diode lasers are often used in small hobby machines. Diode laser cutting machines will not cut clear acrylic and they’ll also require different settings for every colour. CO2 laser machines will cut any colour acrylic, clear or opaque and are generally more user-friendly with finer etching detail and faster cutting capability.

CO2 machines allow cutting of all non-metals such as acrylic, plywood, MDF, leather etc. Our metal and non-metal CO2 machines also allow for thin mild and stainless steel only along with non-metal materials.

Fiber laser machines allow for the cutting of a range of metals including mild, stainless, stainless steel, aluminium, brass etc. But they cannot be used for cutting non-metal materials

The rotary device allows a cylindrical item to be turned. The laser head will move from side to side as the cylindrical item is rotated, allowing the etch or engraving to be applied to the curved surface. See our wheel and chuck rotary devices on our accessories page.

Depending on your location and whether you are having your laser cutting machine installed, your laser machine will either be delivered by a Koenig Technician or shipped to you in a crate by one of our experienced shipping partners. If you have concerns about access to your premises or have more detailed questions about the shipping process please contact us to discuss.

Contact Us with your postcode and we will be able to give you an accurate quote for shipping and installation at your premises.

Installation by one of our highly trained technicians is recommended, however if you are in a rural area and want to look at setting up the machine yourself you can do this as well. We have videos and guides to help you through the installation process.

You can set up your Koenig Co2 laser machine yourself, following our easy user manual and video guides.

Alternatively, we offer machine installation by one of our experienced laser technicians. We’ll set up your machine then train you on the software in less than half a day. You’ll be set-up and ready to get cutting straight away!

At Koenig Machinery we pride ourselves on the quality of our after sales service and support. We are here to see you succeed and help you along the way, whether it is a service call you need or a quick chat to help you find the right settings for your material, we are here to support you. Ongoing free phone and email support is also available for the life of your machine

We have a 1 year service and 1 year machine warranty on our CO2 machines. If you are looking for an extended warranty.

We can offer an extended parts warranty for an additional cost, this will be calculated in relation to the machine that you are purchasing. If you are after an extended service warranty this would be calculated depending on your location.

Our CO2 laser machines are designed with protective acrylic glass. This ensures your eyes are protected from the dangerous wavelength of the laser beam. It is however advisable not to stare directly at the laser beam.

Koenig lasers also have an interlocking sensor in the lid to automatically stop the laser machine if the lid is opened.

With our new in-line beam combiner feature, mirror alignment is a breeze. The in-line beam combiner provides a red LED light, perfectly aligned to the laser beam, showing you a red dot at each mirror position for accurate and fast alignment. If this sounds difficult don’t worry, we have easy to follow video instructions.

No you do not need CO2 gas. The machine comes with a water chiller, compressor and fan for extraction, everything you need to get started. The only CO2 machine requiring gas are are metal and non-metal machines, where Oxygen (O2) gas is required for cutting metal.

High pressure Oxygen ensures metal is cut with a clean edge finish. Without using oxygen during the metal cutting process there would be a rough cut edge.

We have several finance options that we can offer and we are happy to work with your existing financial brokers.

Yes we work with leasing finance partners to help find the best leasing option for you.


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