LF60MA - Automatic Loading Tube Fiber

LF60MA Automatic loading tube cutting machine

 Automatic Loading/Unloading Tube Cutting Fiber Laser

Production Self-loading Tube Cutting
6m tube cutting capacity as standard (9m available)
20-300mm diameter chuck
FROM $259,000 +GST
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“The LF60MA is our automatic loading tube cutting machine with intelligent material separation, feeding and seamless docking the tube into the clamping chuck. Load full bundles of tubes into the feeding device and the machine will load 1 at a time until the pack is finished. The finished product is automatically dropped to the storage bin. This loading solution will save greatly on set-up and production time, heavily decreasing the manpower required for production.

The automatic loading device packs up to a huge 2500kg, as the machine loads 1 tube at a time automatically, the software controls the cutting process through multiple tubes, or full packs at a time, allowing for less manuall handing and labour required.”

Materials and Applications

Profiles –
Round tube, Oval tube, D tube, spure tube, RHS, C-channel, I-beam, H-beam/channel, Angle and custom profiles.



  • 6500mm tube cutting (350mm min. stock length) standard (9500mm length with 9m model - LF90M)
  • Automatic loading from a full pack -1 tube at a time, continuing to cut until required cutting schedule or pack is completed
  • Automatic unloading - dropping the tube into a collection bin
  • Dual electronic tube clamping and alignment - no manual chuck adjustment required
  • Clamping range 20-300mm
  • Fractional automatic supports along the length of the machine to avoid deformation during cutting (causing cut inaccuracies)
  • Cypcut controller using TubesT Pro professional tube cutting and design software - allowing for all closed and open tube profiles, custom profile design, 3D cut design, array/nesting etc.
  • Cypcut 5000 control system with BCS100 Automatic material tracking system track the capacitance anomalies to predict and avoid collisions and controls the tube support height electronically to improve cutting quality and precision
  • Raytools Automatic focusing “3D” head with fine tip for standard cutting. Raytool or German LT 5-axis laser head available
  • Large Portrait style monitor screen with wireless controller
  • TBI Ball screw drive system
  • Panasonic Servo motors
  • Hiwin guide rails
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Electronic regulators for all gas connections O2, N2 and compressed air, allowing for fully software-controlled pressure

    Dual Electronic Clamping Design

    Electronic clamping on both sides automatically aligns and centres the tube with a diagonal adjustable range of 20-200mm. It effectively holds the material steady through processing. guanjiachi

    Fractional Automatic Support

    The intelligent tube support system reduces error due to tube deformation. It does this by supporting the length of the tube throughout the cutting process.


    Automatic Focussing "3D" Laser Head

    Automatically adjusting the focus lens is ten times faster than manual adjusting, saving you precious time. The software adjusts the focussing lens to determine the most suitable position for different thicknesses of material. "3D" head design has a finer tip for reaching into tighter internal corners.
    Raytool BM111 3D head

    Independent Control Cabinet

    An independent electronics tower houses the electrical components and laser source, with a dustproof design for prolonging their lifespan.

    It also features an automatic thermostat with air conditioning to maintain a constant temperature. This prevents damage when ambient temperatures are high. Air conditione control cabinet for fiber laser cutter
    Technical Parameters Specification
    Laser Power 1-6kW
    Tube Length LF60M - 6m Standard model – up to 6500mm tube length (350mm minimum stock length)
    LF90M - 9m model – up to 9500mm tube length (350mm minimum stock length)
    Tube diameter 20-300mm diameter
    Maximum tube weight 150kg
    Maximum pack load weight 2500kg
    Machine Dimensions 12694mm*5345mm*2638m
    Laser source type Raycus or IPG
    Laser Head Type ≤ 3kW = Raytools BM111 3D
    4kW - 6kW = Raytools BM114 3D
    Optional 5-axis Raytools GF403 or German LT
    Cooling Type S&A Industrial Water Cooling
    Cutting Speed 30m/min
    Acceleration 1.5G
    Laser Output Control 0-100% set by software
    Drive method TBI ball screen drive, Panasonic servo motor control with Hiwin guide rails
    Positioning Accuracy 0.03 mm
    Re-positioning accuracy 0.02mm
    Minimum line width 0.1mm
    Controlling Software Cypcut Control System 5000 – sheet cutting, TubesT lite (standard) or TubesT Pro upgrade - tube
    Graphic Format Supported Graphics files – Ai, DXF, PLT, Gerber, etc. G code – MaterCam, Type3, Wentai etc.
    Compatible Software Illustrator, Photoshop, CorelDraw, Autocad, Solidworks, MaterCam, Type3, Wentai etc.
    Colour Separation Yes (imports colours to control cutting layers)
    Auxiliary Equipment Exhaust fan, Industrial water cooling unit
    Power Supply

    Machine: 1kW = 380V 50Hz 20amp (415V filter supplied)
    1.5kW = 380V 50Hz 32amp (415V filter supplied)
    2kW = 380V 50Hz 40amp (415V filter supplied)
    3kW = 380V 50Hz 50amp (415V filter supplied)
    4kW = 380V 50Hz 60amp (415V filter supplied)
    6kW = 380V 50Hz 80amp (415V filter supplied)

    Gas Regulation Software controlled electronic low- pressure O2 regulator (for fine adjustment at low pressure)
    And high pressure N2 and Compressed air electronic regulator (high pressure cutting)
    Gas Connection O2 (mild steel and copper cuttng) – 4 pack min
       Min 99.7% purity – 10m3/h maximum flow rate – 10bar max pressure
    N2 (Stainless, Aluminium, Brass and thin Mild steel cuttng) – 9 pack min
       Min 99.9% purity – 40m3/h maximum flow rate – 24bar max pressure
    Compressed air (Stainless, Aluminium, Brass and thin Mild steel cuttng)
    Working Environment Temperature: 0-45C, Humidity 5-95% (No condensate water)

    18 DHY - 18 bar Air Compressor

    20 DHY - 20 bar Air Compressor (recommended)

    9m Tube Cutting Rotary Mechanism Upgrade

    LF90M Geike tube cutting machine

    5-Axis head - GF403 Raytools


    Gas Attachment Package

    2 x 5m Hoses, O2 & N2 Regulators + Standard Gas Pack Connection Type 50/51
    Gas Attachment Package - 2*5m hoses and fittings. O2 and N2 regulators with standard gas pack connection Type 50 or 51

    5-axis head - German LT


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