LF3015GCR Tube & Dual Sheet Bed

LF3015GCR Production Open Bed Fiber Tube & Dual Sheet Bed 1-4kW

Industrial Metal Fiber Laser Cutter - Dual 3000x1500mm bed (Also available in 4000x1500mm, 4000x2000mm and 6000x2000mm)
3m tube cutting capacity as standard (6m available)
FROM $150,100 +GST

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The LF3015GCR is our production open bed fibre laser with rotary cutting along with dual loading table. Designed for precision and high production cutting applications, this machine is useful for a multitude of applications

The machine uses a YYC rack and pinion guide rail system, to ensure high speed, high-precision and lifetime durability. The electronic tube clamping feature adjusts and centres the tube, allowing it to cut round, oval, square, rectangle, hex tube from 20-220mm diameter. With laser power options from 1-4kW, this machine is also suitable for cutting sheet metals such as carbon, stainless steel, galvanised steel, aluminium and brass.

Materials and Applications

MaterialsStainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, spring steel, brass, aluminium, gold, silver, titanium plates etc. in sheet form, round, oval, square, rectangular and hex pipe.

ApplicationsAdvertising boards, outdoor and indoor signs, metal labels, data plates, jewellery and accessories, machinery panels, metal plate structure, machinery components, tube cutting for industrial components, building frame and structure, furniture etc.



  • 3000x1500mm cutting area with dual interchanging bed
  • 22 second bed changeover
  • 3m tube cutting with option to upgrade to 6m tube cutting
  • Dual electronic tube clamping and alignment
  • Fractional automatic support for long tube cutting
  • Separate dust proof and air conditioned electronic tower
  • Aviation 3rd generation aluminium gantry
  • Japanese Yaskawa motor drive
  • YYC rack and pinion gear system
  • Moto reducer gear reducer
  • German Schneider electronics
  • High precision Raytools laser head
  • Repositioning accuracy of 0.02mm
  • Cypcut software with nesting capability included
  • Industrial water chiller and extraction system included
  • 12 months service warranty and amazing 2-year parts and laser source warranty
  • Lifetime technical support

Dual Electronic Clamping Design

Electronic clamping on both sides automatically aligns and centres the tube with a diagonal adjustable range of 20-200mm. It effectively holds the material steady through processing. Electric Clamp Fiber Laser Tube Cutting

Fractional Automatic Support

The intelligent tube support system reduces error due to tube deformation. It does this by supporting the length of the tube throughout the cutting process. 
Fractional Automatic Support for Tube Cutting

Segmented Rectangular Tube Chassis

Within the internal structure of the bed is a honeycomb structure that is welded with a number of rectangular tubes. Stiffeners are arranged inside the tubes to increase the strength and tensile strength of the bed.

This also increases the resistance and stability of the guide rail to effectively avoid deformation of the bed for 20+ years. Segmented Welded Bed Laser Cutter

Automatic Focussing Laser Head

The software adjusts the focussing lens to determine the most suitable position for different thicknesses of material.

Automatically adjusting the focus lens is ten times faster than manual adjusting, saving you precious time.


Aviation 3rd Generation Aluminium Gantry

The aviation 3rd generation aluminium gantry is manufactured with aerospace standards and formed by 4300 tons press extrusion moulding. After aging treatment, its strength can reach 6061 T6.

Aviation aluminium has many advantages, such as exceptional toughness, corrosion resistance and anti-oxidation. Image showing Aviation Aluminium beam in GWEIKE fiber lasers
Technical Parameters Specification
Laser Power 1-4kW
Bed size 3000 x 1500mm sheet + loading table (also available in 4000x1500, 4000x2000, 6000x2000mm), 3m tube (6m tube available)
Tube diameter 20-220mm diameter (350mm upgrade optional)
Machine Size 8450 x 3580 x 1860mm
(Approx.) Required Working Footprint 10m (W) x 5m (D) x 2m (H)
Laser source type IPG laser source (Raycus available)
Laser Head Type Raytools automatic focussing laser head
≤1.5kW = BM109
2-3kW = BM111
4-6kW = BM115
8kW+ = Raytools BL640 or Procutter 1.0
Cooling Type Industrial water cooling
Cutting Speed 120m/min
Acceleration 1.5G
Laser Output Control 0-100% set by software
Drive method YYC Rack and pinion system, Moto reducer gear
reducer with Yaskawa motor drive
Positioning Accuracy 0.02 mm
Re-positioning accuracy 0.02mm
Minimum line width 0.1mm
Controlling Software Cypcut Control System 2000S including nesting, edge seeking and automatic crash protection, TubePro Lite software (standard)
Graphic Format Supported Graphics files – Ai, DXF, PLT, Gerber, etc. G code – MaterCam, Type3, Wentai etc.
Compatible Software Illustrator, Photoshop, CorelDraw, Autocad, Solidworks, MaterCam, Type3, Wentai etc.
Colour Separation Yes (imports colours to control cutting layers)
Auxiliary Equipment Exhaust fan, Industrial water cooling unit
Power Supply 380V 50Hz (Amps dependent on laser power)
415V – 380V filter supplied
Gas Connection O2 (mild steel and copper cutting) – 4 pack min
Min 99.7% purity – 10m3/h maximum flow rate – 10bar max pressure
N2 (Stainless, Aluminium, Brass and thin Mild steel
cutting) – 9 pack min
min 99.9% purity – 40m3/h maximum flow rate – 24bar max pressure
Working Environment Temperature: 0-45C, Humidity 5-95% (no condensate water)

350mm Diameter Tube Cutting Chuck Upgrade

350mm Diameter Tube Cutting Chuck Upgrade for Tube Cutting Laser

6m Tube Cutting Rotary Mechanism Upgrade

6m Tube Cutting Chuck Upgrade

Automatic Loading and Unloading Device - Single Machine

Automatic Loading Device Enclosed Fiber Laser

Sheet Storage Tower + Automatic Loading and Unloading

Sheet Storage - Additional Raw Material Level for Storage Tower

Gas Attachment Package

2 x 5m Hoses, O2 & N2 Regulators + Standard Gas Pack Connection Type 50/51

Gas Attachment Package - 2 x 5m hoses and fittings. O2 and N2 regulators with standard gas pack connection Type 50 or 51

Tube Pro Professional Software Upgrade for Complex Tube Cutting

TubePro Software Upgrade Logo - For Complex Metal Tube Cutting like C-Channel, Angle Iron and Open Tube / Open Pipes

CypNest 850 Pro Software Upgrade for Advanced Nesting Capabilities

CypNest Software Upgrade Logo for advanced nesting capabilities


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