KOENIG Laser - New CO2 machine range

May 29, 2020

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Our New CO2 machine range is on it's way with an exciting range of new features to improve your  productivity and simplify the laser cutting process

Automatic Focus will be included as standard on the full non-metal range of CO2 machines. The Automatic focus, or automatic height adjust will allow you to easily swap between different thickness materials with little change of user error:

The In-line beam combiner provides an LED light at the laser tube that shines through in alignment with the laser beam to assist in mirror alignment and give a perfect red light dot through the laser tip for perfect sheet alignment. You will never be scared of mirror alignment again!

4-way feed through doors allow you to feed material through from side to side and front to back with no openings or gaps when closed, providing additional safety. You no longer need to limit your sheets size to the size of your cutting bed. 

Under-bed extraction for a better air flow, knife table as standard and a draw for collecting scrap materials. The K0604, K0906 and K1309 all have 200mm up-down automated travel and can work with both a wheel or chick type rotary attachment. 

The K0604 has also been designed with a removable leg frame so that the machine can be taken through a standard door frame (800mm wide) when turned onto it's side. 
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