LF3015GR Enclosed tube/sheet

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LF3015GR Fully enclosed Fiber tube/sheet cutting 1kW-8kW

Industrial Metal Fiber Laser Cutter - Dual 1500x3000 mm bed
3m tube cutting capacity as standard (6m available)
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The LF3015GA is our fully enclosed industrial open bed fibre laser with rotary cutting, specifically designed for precision and high production cutting applications. The machine utilises German Alpha rack and pinion guide rail system, to ensure high speed, high-precision and lifetime durability, dual electronic tube clamping and fractional automatic support, for not deformation of long tubes during cutting. With laser power options from 1000 to 8000 Watts. This machine is suitable for cutting sheet metals such as carbon, stainless steel, galvanised steel, aluminium, brass etc, and round, oval, square, rectangle, hex tube from 20-200mm diameter.

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Cutting a wide range of materials, creating an extensive range of products

MaterialsStainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, spring steel, brass, aluminium, gold, silver, titanium plates etc. in sheet form, round, oval, square, rectangular and hex pipe.

ApplicationsAdvertising boards, outdoor and indoor signs, metal labels, data plates, jewellery and accessories, machinery panels, metal plate structure, machinery components, tube cutting for industrial components, building frame and structure, furniture etc

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  • 1500x3000mm dual bed, 3m tube cutting (Also available with 6m tube cutting)
  • Separate air conditioned electronic cabinet perfect for Australia climate
  • Dual electronic tube clamping and alignment
  • Fractional automatic support for not deformation problems with long tube
  • Repositioning accuracy of 0.02mm
  • Raycus or IPG laser source in 1kW-8kW – Lifespan 100,000 hours
  • Precision WSX laser head (automatic focussing option available)
  • German Atlanta rack and pinion guide rail system
  • Japanese Yaskawa servo motor drive
  • German Neugart motor reducer
  • German Schneider Electronics
  • FScut Laser cutting control system
  • CypCut software including nesting capability – stable and efficient productivity
  • Water chiller and extraction system included
  • 12 months service warranty and amazing 2-year parts and laser source warranty
  • Lifetime technical support

Dual electronic clamping design

The machine adopts an electronic clamping and centering system on either side for fast easy and accurate loading


Fractional automatic support installation

Intelligent tube support system removing any potential error due to tube deformation during the process of long tube cutting


Heavy Duty segmented rectangular tube chassish2>

Precision welded honeycomb carbon steel structure, annealed at 600°C to guaranteeing no deformation for 20+ years

Technical Parameters Specification
Laser Power 1kW/1.5kW/2kW/3kW/4kW/6kW/8kW
Bed size 1500 x 3000mm, 3m tube (6m tube available)
Tube diameter 20-200mm diameter
Laser source type IPG or Maxphotonics
Laser Head Type WSX laser head (automatic focusing available)
Cooling Type Industrial Water Cooling
Cutting Speed 120m/min
Acceleration 1.5G
Laser Output Control 0-100% set by software
Drive method German Atlanta rack and pinion
Positioning Accuracy 0.02 mm
Re-positioning accuracy 0.02mm
Minimum line width 0.1mm
Controlling Software Crypcut Control System
Graphic Format Supported Graphics files – Ai, DXF, PLT, Gerber, etc.

G code – MaterCam, Type3, Wentai etc.

Compatible Software Illustrator, photoshop, CorelDraw,

Autocad, Solidworks, MaterCam, Type3,

Wentai etc.

Colour Separation Yes
Motor Drive System Japan Yaskawa Servo Motor
Auxiliary Equipment Exhaust Fan
Power Supply AC 230V ~50Hz, 380V/50Hz dependent on specification
Working Environment Temperature:0-45C,Humidity 5-95%(No

Condensate Water)



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