A fully enclosed machine gives additional safety and protection. You can view of your work in action while protecting your eyes from the CO2 laser beam thanks to the clear access lid.

The 120 degree overhead camera allows you to view the entire work bed of your machine. When combined with the Lightburn software, you can use the camera to position designs on materials, trace simple artwork and minimise waste/scrap material.

Servo motors are included as standard for a high level of accuracy and precision.

If the lid is opened during use, the interlocking sensor in the laser lid will stop the machine from running. All other doors have key locks. Looking for a machine for Educational use? Our CO2 laser machines are practical for use in schools, universities, TAFE institutes and other educational settings.

4-way feed through allows you to feed material through the machine front-to-back and left-to-right, increasing the capacity of you machine whilst still keeping a small footprint and full enclosure.

The in-line beam combiner provides a red LED light travelling at the same trajectory as the invisible CO2 laser beam. This allows for easy mirror alignment during set-up and general maintenance, making your user experience practically trouble free!

Origin rulers provide you with a quick and easy way to align your work piece to the origin of the bed when cutting and manually measure points of reference. You can also move the laser head to a position on the bed and create a starting point from here, so cutting off cuts and scrap pieces is easy. You will have more productivity, less wastage and complete control over your cutting process.

Our automatic height adjust head is now standard on all machines, allowing you to quickly and safely set the focal height of the machine in reference to the material placed on the bed. With a click of a button you are ready to start cutting.

We now provide both RDworks and Lightburn Software with your machine. RD works is compatible with PC and Lightburn is compatible with both PC and MAC OS computers allowing you to have a streamlined design process. The Lightburn software package features easy, intuitive functionality Click here to trial the Lightburn software. Click here to trial the light burn software.

The K0604C machine has been designed with removable legs, to allow the machine to be taken through a standard door frame. The base wheel frame is removable and when the machine is tipped on its side the width is 770mm (standard door frame 800mm), allowing for the machine to be set up in an office environment. For internal machine set ups please ask us about our air filter options.

There is a conical table with under table extraction connection, for better quality extraction. The conical shape also helps to capture and parts or off cuts and channel them into the clean-up drawer

LED internal lighting allows you to easily view your workpiece by looking through the protective lid.

Our S&A CW5200 water chiller is included with either the 80W or 100W machine. Our extraction fan is also included. Ask us about our High-powered compressor for optimal quality clean cutting, and out air filtration units for filtering all particles and fumes from the air (recommended for office and at home machine set-up).


- Dedicated Australian technical support, with local on-site technician for set-up or when required.

- FREE lifetime technical support for the lifetime of the machine over the phone, email or remote computer access (on-site service available)

- 1 year Warranty covering all machine parts + 9 month laser tube warranty.

Technical Parameters Specification
Laser Power 80W (100W available)
Cutting Area 600 x 400mm
Z Axis 200mm travel - motorised up-down table
Laser Type RECI CO2 Glass Tube 10.6μm – up to 10,000 hour life
Machine Footprint (total size) 1710 x 1025 x 1090(H)mm (machine width of 1140 + 570mm tube extenstion)
Machine Weight 290kg
Table Type Knife bed table included (honeycomb table optional extra)
Motor Type Leadshine Servo Motor
Camera 120 degree overhead camera – 8Mb
Camera Alignment +/- 0.5mm (calibratable by user)
Rail Type Hiwin Taiwanese Rails
Ventilation Fan and extraction hosing provided (4 stage air filters optional extra)
Cooling Type S&A CW5200 refrigerating type
Engraving Speed Up to 1000mm/s
Cutting Speed Up to 300mm/s
Min. Engraving Size 1.0mm*1.0mm
Locating Accuracy ≤+0.01mm
Controlling Software DSP Control System
Software RDworks and Lightburn – licence included (including print registration mark alignment using 'print and cut' feature)
Computer Compatibility Windows, Mac OS or Linux (32 or 64-bit)
Graphic Format Supported DXF DWG AI PDF DST PLT BMP JPG PNG etc.
Machine File Memory 128MB internal memory (up to 100 files)
Power Supply 230V 50Hz 10amp – Standard single phase


K0604 K0906 K1309 Cutting Parameters

NOTE: 80W will cut up to 12mm acrylic and 10mm woods/plys in 1 pass

100W will cut up to 15mm acrylic, 14mm woods and plys in 1 pass


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Wheel Rotary


Chuck Rotary

Image 2

Honeycomb Table

Image 3

High Powered Quiet Compressor


Pure air filtration unit

Image 5

Digital control Pure air filtration unit

Image 6


What about support? At Koenig Machinery we pride ourselves on the quality of our after sales service and support. We are here to see you succeed and help you along the way. This might be in the form of a service call or simply a quick chat to help you find the right settings for your material. Whatever you need: We're here to support you with ongoing free phone and email support for the life of your machine.

Are you looking for finance? We have several finance options that we can offer and we are happy to work with your existing financial brokers. Give us a call today for more information and pricing options.

How does set up and delivery work? Contact us with your postcode and we will be able to give you an accurate quote for shipping and installation at your premises. Installation by one of our highly trained technicians is recommended, however if you are in a rural area and want to look at setting up the machine yourself, you can do this as well. We have videos and guides to help you through the installation process.

Where can I buy the acrylic and materials? Have a look at our shop! We sell a wide range of standard colour acrylic, pastel acrylic, glitter acrylic and pearl acrylic. We also stock plywood, bamboo and consumables such as application tape, double sided tape, CerMark spray for metal marking and much more. Check out the Koenig Shop here.

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