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Shopping for a Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine? Test Your Cutter Before You Buy

At Koenig Machinery, we’ve learned a few things from selling laser metal cutting machines over the years. First, customers aren’t comfortable buying machines without seeing what they can do. We sell metal laser cutters online, but customers will still often reach out to us about testing out the machine (or at least seeing it in action) before they buy.

Second, we’ve learned that customers often want to move as quickly as possible when buying a machine. While they are cautious throughout the shopping process, they want the buying process to move along at a fast pace. Once they’ve picked out a fiber laser metal cutter, they want to have it at their business or studio right away.

How We Serve Our Customers Effectively

A metal laser cutter is a heavy-duty piece of equipment and a significant investment. Knowing that the product works before you buy it—and that it’s well-suited to your particular application—is just smart shopping. Once you’ve decided on the perfect machine, it’s equally natural to want to have it as soon as possible. The sooner you get your hands on the machine, the sooner you can start using it for product manufacturing or other projects.

At Koenig Machinery, we are responsive to both these customer motivations. While we stand by the machines we sell and their ability to get the job done—fiber laser cutters are built specifically to cut metal—we still understand the value of a good old-fashioned product demonstration. If you want to see one of our fiber laser metal cutters in action, you’re in luck. We have a showroom located at our Melbourne head office stocked with a range of machinery. You can book a time to come to our showroom for a demonstration.

If you decide you are ready to buy a laser metal cutting machine, we are happy to expedite the purchase process so that you get your machine as soon as possible. We can get you up and running ASAP, and can even deliver short lead times for any custom specifications you might have.

Start Shopping for Your Fiber Metal Laser Cutter Today

If you are shopping for a metal laser cutter in Australia, then reach out to Koenig Machinery today to get started. We can walk you through our product inventory, explain the differences between fiber laser metal cutting machines and CO2 laser machines, schedule a time for you to come by the showroom or get you set up with a new order. We look forward to helping you find the right machine to suit your needs.