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High-Quality CNC Laser Cutting Machine and Laser Cutter Servicing Australia

If your work project requires finite and precision cutting, using a CNC laser cutting machine that utilises computerised technology can significantly improve the workflow of the project.

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. This type of technology uses the computer to take your creative designs and change them into numeric patterns, controlling the movement of the laser cutter head, making engraving and cutting extremely precise.

Because of this advanced technology, using a laser cutting machine from Koenig Machinery, your work will have a sophisticated and polished look.

CNC Laser Cutter Cuts a Wide Range of Materials for Industries in Australia

One of the many benefits of using a CNC laser cutter is that they can cut through almost any material that you will be using for your creative project. Our laser heads utilise finite positioning, and this technology can help you create and make delicate and precision jewellery designs, from rings to necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, let the CNC laser cutter make your work smoother.

Leatherworkers can use the machines to make artistic belts and wallets, gorgeous and elegant handbags, and leather gifts. You can also use our laser cutters to work with materials such as acrylic and wood, making toys, displays, architectural model construction pieces, POS displays, signs, and decorations.

Do you have a special event coming up that requires invitations? Our CNC laser cutting machines can help you create gorgeous and intricate paper designs for that special event. Let your imagination and creativity flow with your custom designs and let CNC laser cutting machines from Koenig Machinery do the precision work.

Visit Our Demonstration Showroom to See Our Range of Products

Koenig Machinery provides and services laser cutters throughout Australia. Our headquarters are based in Melbourne, and we have an incredible demonstration showroom that showcases the variety of machines for your selection. Book an appointment today, and we can show you how the laser cutting CNC technology can work for your specific project and material.

All of our machines come with a 3-year parts warranty, and we also carry spare parts. If your device needs a part or servicing, our technicians will be available promptly, getting you up and running with little to no downtime.

Upon receiving the machine, our team will set up and calibrate the laser cutter, making fine adjustments to ensure optimal running performance. After consulting with you on your specific requirements, we will assist programming of the machine settings required for your materials and future projects.

Koenig Machinery prides itself on customer service. We are committed to making sure that you understand the needs of your laser cutting machine. From the start, we will help you set up, install, and train you in the use of your new machine. We are always available for design and software consultations and can help you make adjustments if you decide to expand your laser cutter’s application and materials.

Please call us today to discuss our affordable pricing. We will consult with you and help you pick the perfect machine for your project. Rest assured that we will be with you all the way and never hesitate to get in touch with us.

Let your creativity flow and let the superb technology of our CNC laser cutting machines do the work.